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Here I have collected some artwork featuring striped hyenas. I have gotten permission from the artists to host them here, so please do not steal them without asking permission from the artists themselves! Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized artwork. Have some art you want to have hosted here? Email me!

To Andrea Adams' page.

Andrea Adams drew this shortly after I bought the domain name. I had forgotten about it and was delighted to rediscover it. Yay!

To Cara Mitten's page.

An awesome hyena by Cara Mitten! I have another one around which I need to dig up and post as well.

To Erin Middendorf's page.

Erin Middendorf did a startled hyena for me!

To Karena Kliefoth's page.

A hyena and friend.

To Gilda Rimessi's first page. To Gilda Rimessi's second page. To Gilda Rimessi's third page. To Gilda Rimessi's fourth page. To Gilda Rimessi's fifth page. To Gilda Rimessi's sixth page.

Gilda Rimessi emailed me out of the blue and offered some of her lovely striped hyena art! Click on the above thumbnails to see the full drawings.

To Heather Bruton's page.

Heather Bruton graciously allowed me to use her beautiful image of a hyena playing a bone harp!

To Jonathon Kaufman's page.

Whee, Jonathon Kaufman did a some drawings of Vengal a few years ago.

To Roz Gibson's page.

Roz did a Christmas drawing for me!

To Sara Palmer's page.

I love the atmosphere in Sara Palmer's drawing. I know I have another drawing of hers around somewhere too, and will have to dig it up.