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Zoos in America with striped hyenas
The Living Desert Zoo has two striped hyenas; I've been there twice, and they are easy to see (though usually sleeping.)
The San Diego Zoo has striped hyenas; I've seen them there, and they were even featured in their ZooNews magazine a year or two ago. However, the hyenas seem to rotate with the Siberian Lynxes, and the past couple of times I've been there the lynxes were on display instead.
The Hollywild Zoo in South Carolina appears to have a striped hyena.

Zoos in other countries with striped hyenas
The Singapore Zoo seems to have striped hyenas.
The Leningradsky Zoo Park has some striped hyenas, and has even managed to breed them.
The Papanack Zoo in Canada has striped hyenas.

Links to other websites with information on striped hyenas
The Hyena website has many good photos of hyenas of all kinds, plus information about the striped hyena!
Crocuta has an excellent page on striped hyenas, and he even has photos of my old friend from the Knoxville Zoo!
The PBS website has a good page on the striped hyena, and even has a little movie.

If you have a website about striped hyenas, or know of a zoo that has them, you can email me and let me know!